We Help You Gain An Energy Efficient Home And Keep More Green in Your Wallet

What Is Mass Save® & Why Use Green Energy Gains INc?

Green Energy Gains Inc. is a Home Performance Contractor working in partnership with the the Sponsors of the Mass Save® Program.

We provide no cost home energy assessments for homeowners, where we then do energy modeling and identify weatherization opportunities in the home that will reduce the homeowner’s utility bills.

No Cost Home

Start with a no cost
Home Energy Assessment

We Make Your Home
more Energy Efficient

We install Instant Cost Saving Measures and evaluate your basement, attic, walls and doors for further insulation and air sealing

Money Back In
Your Pocket

You get to enjoy an energy efficient home and keep more money in your pocket

How We Optimize Your Home

No Cost Air Sealing

As a Partner of the Sponsors of Mass Save® we offer no cost air sealing for your entire home. Eliminating drafts and air leakage, keeping comfortable air inside and unwanted air out.


Yes, through the program we can offer up to 100% off approved insulation work in your home. A well insulated and air-sealed home on average can decrease your energy bills by 20%

Additional Rebates & Offers

Rebates are available for new appliances, heat pumps and more.


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